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Life coaching: Lee McCall, Professional LIfe Coach

How many of you know professional women that spend so much time balancing their career and family that they lose focus on themselves? I’ve been there. I found ways to discover my purpose and focus on my well being, and now as a professional life coach I use those same skill sets and tools to support other women to regain their own sense of joy and purpose while still focusing on their career and family.

Success = Strength, Flexibility, and Support
— Lee McCall


Strands of wicker are nothing by themselves. They are solid, as each individual strand is made of many fibers. They are flexible and easily adaptable. But when multiplied and supported by many additional strands, wicker makes a beautiful work of art that is strong and enduring.

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This is like each of us. We bring years of experiences into the fibers that make up an individual strand. We have learned to be flexible through these experiences. Given the right tools to highlight our talents, and relationships that are strong and supportive we ourselves become that beautiful work of art.

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This is Wicker Wisdom: Providing you with the tools and support to enhance your own talents and passions for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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areas of focus

Find out more about life coaching, areas of focus and how to begin your personal journey towards self-awareness and fulfillment

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Wicker Wisdom shares insights, experiences, and tools to support your continued development

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