No Regrets

I used to often say I had regrets. But lately, through my own self exploration process I have realized that there really is no time for regret, only an opportunity to take those experiences and re-frame them into either life lessons or the chance to follow a different path...



What I learned from my father

I learned from my father many things.

I learned the importance of hard work, and that no job is beneath us. From that I became the type of leader that was willing to step in and help in any way I could. As a senior leader I would often transport or clean up patients with my staff, all in a suit and heels. My staff would say “you can’t do this dressed like that” and I would say “why not”? I believe that leadership means being part of the team and serving others.

The Importance of Staying Connected

The Importance of Staying Connected

When I was forty-five, I embarked on a journey to re-imagine my life. I left a marriage that emotionally and financially drained me, and began a fresh start. I was fortunate. I had a great career, two amazing children and a few true friends. They were my rock. I always thought that it was important to be surrounded by lot of people, but what I found during those dark times was how important it was to surround myself around genuine, true friends, even if it was just a few.

I stumbled upon and immersed myself in a book…